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A bag of seed consists of inert material such as dust, chaff, and empty seed; weed and other crop seed; and Pure Live Seed (PLS) of the desired species. Since every seed lot has a different analysis, a formula has been devised which allows customers to pay for only the pure, live seed in a bag. To figure the Pure Live Seed percentage, multiply the purity percentage by the germination percentage of the seed lot. By then multiplying the Pure Live Seed percentage by the weight of the bag, one can determine the amount of pure live seed in the bag. Let us compare two lots of seed to determine the best value:


Lot A is labeled 98% pure with a 95% germination and costs $5.00 per bulk pound.

Lot B is labeled 89% pure with a germination of 92% and costs $ 4.75 per bulk pound.

Lot A: .98 x .95 = .931 PLS

Lot B: .89 x .92 = .819 PLS

Now divide the seed cost by the PLS percentage to determine the Pure Live Seed cost:

Lot A: $5.00 / .931 = $5.37 per PLS pound

Lot B: $4.75 / .819 = $5.80 per PLS pound


As you can see, the seed lot which was less expensive on a bulk seed basis actually represents an inferior value on a PLS basis. In order for a purchaser to adequately evaluate seed value, Pure Live Seed prices must be determined before seed is purchased.

Seeds with higher purity and germination rates tend to have more vigorous, healthy seed than seed with lower PLS values. Also, higher quality seed costs less to ship; let's see how many pounds of seed would be shipped if one ordered 1000 PLS pounds:


Lot A: 1000 / .931 = 1074 bulk pounds

Lot B: 1000 / .819 = 1221 bulk pounds


Stretch your dollar and get better quality--

Ask for PLS pricing!




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