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Wind River Seed, originally formed in 1987, carries the most complete inventory of reclamation shrub seed adapted to northern climates. From sagebrush to greasewood, Wind River Seed is involved in all phases of shrub seed growing, collection, processing and marketing and is unique in its ability to assess the impact of production technology on results in the seed bed.

We are a reclamation seed company that deals with the Great Plains and Inter-Mountain area as our specialty, although we also work with other areas in the US and abroad. We have a strong grower and collector network throughout the areas that we work in. We also have our own production of native forbs, shrubs and grasses.

Our physical facilities contain three large warehouses, several storage and out buildings and a seed cleaning plant, as well as our offices. We are located outside of Manderson WY. Manderson resides in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, 20 miles north of Worland and 10 miles south of the county seat of Basin.

We have many years of experience on staff in the fields of Reclamation, Nursery, Range and plant science, as well as our own research and experimentation in plant reproduction and propagation in native species. We would like to share this pool of knowledge with you on your reclamation, landscape or xeriscape projects. 

Our customers seek us not only for high quality seed but also for our knowledge of seeds and shrub ecology. This knowledge is integrated with conditioning, marketing and planting experience which has led us to a customer base which includes BLM, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation and SCS Districts in every Western State along with oil and gas pipelines and state and federal highway departments. Our customers also include Wyoming coal mines, Nevada gold mines, interstate pipelines, other seed companies and private contractors. We specialize in customers who have learned, usually the hard way, that buying seed can be hazardous. The seed industry has evolved from an unrestrained era of backyard seed collectors to an era in which professionalism and reputation is beginning to prevail over quick-buck artists. The increasing sophistication of purchasers has favored Wind River Seed and we feel that all legitimate seed vendors favor increasing knowledge among customers. Knowledge and education are our strongest marketing tools.

Lisa Hooper, Owner & Director of Sales




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